Transverse Orientation


6:00 pm
Friday, August 14, 2015



Transverse Orientation by UK based artist Hannah Fray explores the biodiversity of insects through the layering of various printmaking techniques, realised as exquisite artist books and works on paper. Insects were collected over a period of 12 months, Hannah diligently documenting where they fell and photographing the positions in which they fell. During this research period, patterns began to form and clusters of moths were found in similar geographical areas leading to further investigation into the biodiversity of insects.

An almost meditative atmosphere will flourish, where the moths are deliberately layered and stacked as though falling through some kind of silent abyss. The repetitive nature of these print and artist book works, allude to the transient and fragile nature within which these insects exist, by layering and repeating the image, the moth starts to become an icon, almost obscured by its own form.

After winning the Beffardo Drawing Scholarship in 2008 (John Moores University, UK) and being awarded the Student Associate Award from the Royal Society of Painters & Printmakers, London (2010) Hannah continued to combine drawing and various printmaking techniques in her multi-layered, sensitive visual imagery. She is the print technician at University of Preston and teaches printmaking at Bangor University. Hannah continues to exhibit internationally and this solo exhibition, is her fourth exhibition with Curve Gallery.