The Art of Paper Folding




In this new series of work, we take a look inside Newcastle Artist Luke Beezley’s world and see discarded ideas: recycled, re-imagined and rebranded to solidify and create perfect fragile images. Working across disciplines this solo exhibition features evocative sculpture and drawings from this talented artist whose work comments on contemporary culture.

The Art of Paper Folding reveals a tenuous link to the tradition of rendered drapery and Renaissance painting conventions where folded shapes are drawn in graphite and interrupted by poster like coloured icons. Within the sculpture and drawings, these traditions become part of a world that fuses advertising and pop art aesthetics with an ironic smile.

Luke has exhibited widely and this solo exhibition is his third exhibition with Curve Gallery. He has been a practising artist since graduating in the early eighties and has continued to develop and refine his unique style, influenced by culture, infused with humour and exacting techniques that are evident in this exhibition, The Art of Paper Folding.