IN the Surface


Friday, April 15, 2016



IN the Surface portrays both physical and physiological journeys of the body, exploring abstract forms to create potent visual responses through photographic and sculptural installations. Translating personal experiences, the work of Gillian Bencke & Clare Weeks is about ideas and feelings that both artists interpret visually in an exhibition that goes to the interior of who we are and how this knowing is felt. The gallery space will be alive with visual conversations that question the usual boundaries of physical anatomy and self-awareness.

Gillian Bencke’s art practice is about ideas and what an idea might look like. She creates sculptural textile ‘creatures’ with impossible anatomies that are condensed elements of something heard or read that she is passionate about. Delicately hand stitched and embellished, each creature embodies specific ideas and provocative abstract forms that question our relationships between information and physical forms.

Claire Weeks uses the performing body to translate her unique embodied experience of illness. By isolating parts of the body, she takes somatic sensations leaving a trace representation where the body is given ease. Clare’s photographic responses delve deep within, displaying the physical that is felt not exposed.