Hunter River: Common Ground


6:00 pm
Friday, February 15, 2019



Inspired by the Hunter River, their first research residency in 2016 allowed the artists to engage with our local landscapes, rivers, wetlands and oceans. The artists investigate a reconsideration of landscape through fine art practice offering re-imagined perspectives of landscape by traveling on foot. Exploring differences between northern and southern hemisphere cultures, the artists examine how ideas of navigation and mapping have a direct correlation to our understanding and relationship to landscape.

Research is focused on two main locations, The Mersey Estuary in Liverpool (UK) and the Hunter Estuary in New South Wales. By reinterpreting landscape experienced through walking journeys the artists will produce artworks and installations to show the transitory and unique properties of such landscapes.
This project is held in collaboration with The Lock Up and The University Gallery.

Common Ground Pacific: 13 February – 9 March at The University Gallery.

Greg Fuller will be in residence at The Lock Up. Jason Hicklin will be in residence at the new Curve Art Apartment.

Considered to be three of the UK’s leading Print makers, Hill, Hicklin and Fuller will share their knowledge locally with both practicing artists and students holding Artist talks at the Newcastle TAFE and Newcastle Printmakers Workshop.