Crack Theatre presents ‘WouldMan’ by Justin Buchta




WouldMan a one man performance about the greatest subject in art, the human body – a symbol for the Tree of Life. WouldMan pose, WouldMan struggle, WouldMan enter the woods of the imagination, would an art hero turn his wood costume magic!

WouldMan dress up, WouldMan imagine, WouldMan drift, between both past and present, between reality and fantasy. WouldMan save himself, WouldMan discover the experience of human touch, WouldMan dance and celebrate the big picture, WouldMan draw humanity towards rediscovering the tree of life… WouldMan pose a masterpeace!
Justin Buchta

Justin creates original works of theatre for both adults and children. He presents shows and tours theatre festivals in Portugal, the UK and France. Justin trained for theatre at Jacques Lecoq theatre school Paris, and is also an alumni of the Sydney College of the Arts MVA. Justin also teaches acrobatics, art, movement, mime and mask to people of all ages in Australia, the UK and Portugal. He teaches physical drama at the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney.