Colours Freedom




A French painter concerned with cultural intermarriage: West Indies, Africa, Europe.  She uses the canvas to express the multiple influences of her africanité,  Mondrian, Picasso, Véra Da Silva, Niki de Saint Phalle, the list is really very long, too long.  Particularly while working with musicians, actors, dancers that she developed her unique form of creativity, she says: “je suis en perpétuel devenir”.  In 2000 her first performance then in 2004  a piece by the Brazilian author Nelson Rodriguez “the Black Angel”. She then realized a pictorial and gestural work in tight collaboration with a percussionniste and comediennes.  Her artistic practices became live performances, installations, sculptures, painting, created around the gesture.”The gestural forms have taken a preponderant place in my work over the last four years, I live there on the canvas differently, bodily” She is in love with the colors, most of the time with hot colors but does not hesitate to come back to the black and white to ‘seize the essential’.

She integrates within collage, sews its canvas after tearing using injury metaphors that have weight, works that matter, a unique marriage of rope, plastique,sable..  Creativity is for her a pleasurable act, and a form of suffering.  “To create, I cannot do otherwise, I do not know (how) to do otherwise.”  “I’m 32 years old I am in phase with my work, in a narrow and privileged correspondence, listening to my own rhythms.”  She is eager for big projects, of walls, of spaces that she will take pleasure to invest.  “A nude wall is a dead surface, a colored wall becomes a living surface.”  ala Light Fernand.
The exposition “Colors freedom”offered to the public exclusively her first works on ‘art voodoo’ illustrated by plastic realizations and a performance.