ART: Takes a Holiday


6:00 pm
Friday, July 17, 2015



Featuring: Todd Fuller, Catherine Morse, Johanna Trainor, John Parkes, Linda Swinfield, Mathew Tome, Jacqueline Wylie, Emily Valentine Bullock, Teresa Morani, Patricia Wilson-Adams

ART: takes a holiday will give unique insights into the art making process with sketch books exhibited alongside completed work that includes textiles, photography, painting, film, sculpture and printmaking.
A diverse group exhibition of 10 international, national and local artists exploring the long held tradition for artists to seek ‘the other’ and travel within their art practice

The exhibition is curated by Newcastle artist Linda Swinfield, initiated whilst ‘in residence’ in Victoria. “I have chosen a diverse group of artists who have “travelled” within their practice, been influenced by travel and whose work practices are outside the norm as a result of experiencing an environment outside their usual lifestyle”.

Mobility adds additional complexities to the creative process that can enrich an artist’s making or disturb and subvert the nature of their original mission. It has become quite competitive for artists to take up residencies in exotic locations yet this movement to a new location can also make studio practices complex and problematic, can disable or enable an artist’s process. ART: takes a holiday will explore these challenges and celebrate the work of artists that take risks and follow ‘the road less travelled’.